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Dear reader,

In this letter, you read about the new discipleship course 'Walk with Jesus' that we recently launched. The course is unique because participants go through it together with a buddy. For example, a student is directly trained to take another person along in following Jesus.

And Pascoal from Mozambique tells how he distributes the treasures in Christ, despite the poverty he, unfortunately, has to deal with.

Enjoy reading!

GlobalRize Launches New Discipleship Course

1.LanceringWWJFollowing Jesus, what does that mean? How do you give prayer and Bible reading a place in your daily life; What choices do you make as a Christian? What is the ministry of the Holy Spirit? These questions and others are covered in detail in our Walk with Jesus discipleship course, which we recently launched.

The course is intended for Christians who want to grow in their faith. A unique aspect of the course is that they have to find a buddy with whom to do the course: a friend, relative, spouse, or church member. In this way, a student immediately passes on what he or she has learned and brings discipling into practice.

Long run-up

Over the past year, we have experimented with a precursor to the course. What are the experiences of the mentors (e-coaches)?

One of our mentors, Elsa, says: 'What I like most about the course is the buddy system. What the student discovers in the Bible herself, she immediately passes on to someone else. I regularly hear that sharing helps them understand the Bible better and grow in self-confidence.' Another experienced mentor, Karel, says that a buddy came to the assurance of faith through the guidance of the student with whom he did the course.

Both mentors mention as a valuable aspect of the course that you spend a long time with a student. Karel: ‘I could bring in life wisdom and experience of faith.' Elsa: 'You can really build a bond and share difficult and beautiful moments together.'

Children of God

The story of Adeola from Nigeria proves that the course can have a major impact on the lives of both students and buddies. She does this course very faithfully with her husband. When they started, her husband was Muslim. He came up with questions after each lesson series. An example: 'Why do Christians call themselves children of God, after all, God has no children?' To which Adeola told her mentor: 'I tried to explain to him that there is a huge difference between slave and child.'

Four months later, she reported great news: 'My husband has finally professed his faith in Christ. We have been praying and reading the Bible together ever since.'

More practical

Walk with Jesus is practical, in-depth, and aims to pay attention to the cultural context of the students. The student and his/her buddy often have to do assignments together. An example of such an assignment is that the student and buddy both find someone in their environment with special needs and start helping that person with something practical in the following week.

Our desire is to help people grow in their faith and be fruitful in their own church community. The buddy system is to ensure that disciples make new disciples again.


We are looking for e-coaches or mentors for this course! Do you have a heart for discipleship and do you have a reasonable command of English? Sign up!

  • Pray that the course will be a blessing for many people

'Someone gave His life for me'

2. PascoalFar from his parents, no money, no prospect of a better life. Pascoal from Mozambique had a hard time. One day he came across an advertisement for an online Bible basics course and decided to do it. As a mentor, he was assigned the Dutch Roelof, who was eager to share the gospel in the boring corona time (see 'I can be a missionary again!').

Pascoal was captivated by the course. He made the lessons at lightning speed, despite the fact that internet access was sometimes a problem. Question after question he fired at his mentor. 'What caught my attention was knowing that Someone gave His life for my life, even though I didn't deserve it,' he says. 'Everything I learned in the course was important, but that really stood out for me.'

What a privilege

The young man cannot possibly keep the good news to himself. Together with a friend he goes to the market and evangelizes there with song and dance. 'My desire is that souls be saved en masse for Christ; that lives change and people become free from old, dark traditions and worldly ideas.'

Pascoal has also become a mentor himself. ‘The best thing about being a mentor is that I can pass on what I have learned. Through me, many can learn about Christ. Wow! What a privilege.'

God provides

Meanwhile, it's not easy for him. He gets no support from his family. 'My pastor supports me, but he's poor himself, so that's getting harder and harder,' he says. In spite of everything, he trusts in the Lord: 'God has provided for me; I believe He has always provided for my daily needs and continues to do so.' Pascoal is studying theology. 'You (the people of GlobalRize who are in contact with him, ed.) give me new hope and courage to continue.' 

  • Give thanks for Pascoal's desire to share the Gospel and pray for more support in his daily living conditions. 

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